Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hello all from a sunny growth spurting Devon!

The potatoes are poking their little heads out so I have heeled these up . The beans are growing up the poles over night ! The peas are doing really well too , I used the early onwards and I must say they are looking great. We have just got our first crop of broad beans and yellow alto beet roots are ready this week to go over to the restaurant
An update from the Elephant Farm

Perpetual Spinach Plants from DobiesEverything has come on in leaps and bounds.

The spinach ( lazio and perpetual ) have given a few crops already. 

I have had to side shoot the tomatoes this week , the tomatillos and cucamelons are coming into their own now , so all those with the cucamelons that look like they are sleeping , hold on ! They just shoot to life .

All is looking good and so is the weather for this week ! , so enjoy and I will catch up with you again soon

Happy growing
the guru gardener x


  1. Here in Birmingham, it is still too cold to plant out the peas and broad beans. We will have to come and borrow some of your heat! lol

  2. Hi Christine, weather up here in the Midlands seems to be spring-like now (my garden is high up in the Cotswolds and we have to give some protection to transplants. Hope the sun is shining with you.